5 Blogs About Blogging that You Should Follow

Does your website have a blog? Maybe you have been considering adding a blog to your website?

Blogging on your website about topics that are related to your business is a great way to boost online traffic and possible leads for your brand. The advantage of blogging is that it can add valuable information to your customers and build the value of your brand to the community.

It can be hard to constantly come up with new content while keeping your blog posts fresh and exciting to read. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 Must-Follow Blogs that we think all bloggers and content creators should subscribe to.

The 7 Must-Follow Blogs about Blogging

  1. Blogging Basics 101 – BloggingBasics101.com
  2. Pro Blogger – problogger.net
  3. Daily Blogging Tips – dailybloggingtips.com
  4. Boost Blog Traffic – boostblogtraffic.com
  5. Copy Blogger – copyblogger.com/blog
  6. HubSpot Blogs – blog.hubspot.com
  7. Spice Up your Blog – spiceupyourblog.com

Each of these blogs (about blogging) are packed full of great ideas that can really boost the value of your website to you and your customers. By blogging you open your website up to the opportunity to promote products, provide helpful tips and ideas to your customers, and share information to the community about your brand and it’s local impact.

Don’t have time to blog?

You can still have a blog on your website even if you know you personally don’t have 1 second to spare in your already busy day. You may be asking yourself how this can be done and that’s where 25Penn Marketing comes in! We can help write blog posts (as your company) on your website that will provide helpful information and tips to your customers about your products, services, and community involvement.

Contact us TODAY at 717.496.8302 to talk with us about getting a blog set up on your website!