Four Tips to Encourage Event Success

The energy we put out is the energy we get back. (Rachel Bermingham)

When it comes to hosting an event, the energy we expend is tremendous. We not only have the idea for the event, but are also the sole promoter, planner, speaker, coordinator, greeter, host, and organizer. So how do you expend the least amount of energy to get the most amount of people to attend? Use your FaceBook connections of course!

Did you know in 20 minutes 1,484,000 event invites are posted on Facebook? How do you make yours stand out? Here are three easy (organic) ways to promote an event to success:

1. Create a FaceBook event, tag a co-host or speaker, and make sure the entire event is shareable.

Creating an event on FaceBook is the easy part – FB has a great format with simple-to-use instructions to keep you on track.* You can even add a link to sell tickets to your event if you need to! Plus, an event on FB gives you the chance to gauge interest/attendance beforehand, so that’s a major bonus!

Tagging a co-host/speaker will help your overall reach as obviously the post will be fed not just to YOUR followers, but also to THEIR followers. (Pssst! Be sure to ask the co-host first of course!)

2. Make sure folks who are interested in the event have the opportunity to share it with their friends/followers.

This is big! The networking opportunities are HUGE if you play your cards right – folks who follow you may

have hundreds of friends, they post to their page and it snowballs exponentially. In fact, people share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of every day – why shouldn’t your post be one of them?

(Tip: You can even encourage sharing in the discussion section.)

3. Speaking of discussion – start one!

When folks start expressing interest in your event on the event page, start a discussion. Add video if you have it, ask questions pertinent to the topic, call out folks who have an opinion – these posts then are fed to your “interested” parties who have not necessarily signed on to attend… yet. You got their attention with your blanket posts on your page, then pulled them in to click “interested” on the event, now you need them to feel like part of the conversation. Users spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook – which means they could easily watch your 30 second video!

(Tip: Video posts in this section also work very well to make attendees feel like they know the host – so speak to them with updates on numbers, attendence, the venue, or any other tidbit! Videos don’t have to be lengthy or involved, just sincere.)

4. The day of the event – POST!

Keep folks interested in what’s going on – drum up some excitement with a quick photo of the venue as it’s being set up, the refreshments as they are laid out, or the material that will be handed out, add a note about how excited you are as the host, tag a few folks who you are expecting to see and who will be willing to share their excitement. All of these things will make people even more anxious to be a part of your NEXT event as well.

Don’t forget to publicly thank attendees for their time at the conclusion of the event. Folks won’t forget the hospitality and sincerity behind your message however you deliver it.

*Also remember you can boost a post on your page or even boost the event itself and get even more reach!

5 Blogs About Blogging that You Should Follow

Does your website have a blog? Maybe you have been considering adding a blog to your website?

Blogging on your website about topics that are related to your business is a great way to boost online traffic and possible leads for your brand. The advantage of blogging is that it can add valuable information to your customers and build the value of your brand to the community.

It can be hard to constantly come up with new content while keeping your blog posts fresh and exciting to read. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 Must-Follow Blogs that we think all bloggers and content creators should subscribe to.

The 7 Must-Follow Blogs about Blogging

  1. Blogging Basics 101 –
  2. Pro Blogger –
  3. Daily Blogging Tips –
  4. Boost Blog Traffic –
  5. Copy Blogger –
  6. HubSpot Blogs –
  7. Spice Up your Blog –

Each of these blogs (about blogging) are packed full of great ideas that can really boost the value of your website to you and your customers. By blogging you open your website up to the opportunity to promote products, provide helpful tips and ideas to your customers, and share information to the community about your brand and it’s local impact.

Don’t have time to blog?

You can still have a blog on your website even if you know you personally don’t have 1 second to spare in your already busy day. You may be asking yourself how this can be done and that’s where 25Penn Marketing comes in! We can help write blog posts (as your company) on your website that will provide helpful information and tips to your customers about your products, services, and community involvement.

Contact us TODAY at 717.496.8302 to talk with us about getting a blog set up on your website!

Instagram: Can your Business Benefit?

People love visuals! Social media posts with images get more engagement on Facebook and Twitter so why not market on a social media platform that is strictly for pictures?

Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text!

Instagram will soon be tied into Facebook’s ad manager making managing ads between the two social media platforms easier.

Is Instagram right for your business? Here are 4 questions to help you determine if your business should be on Instagram.

#1 Is your target audience using Instagram?

If you are unsure who your target audience is check your Facebook Insights to see the demographics of your fan base. Over 90% of Instagram users are under age 35.

#2 Are you on too many social media platforms?

Ideally you’ll want to focus on a few social media platforms. Do them well before thinking about adding more.

#3 Are your competitors on there?

If you’re competitors have a presence on Instagram, and are doing well you should consider using Instagram as well.

#4 What kind of pictures would you post?

Just like with any other social media platform you want your Instagram images to tell a story. Create pictures that are creative, useful, entertaining, or interesting.

Some examples of what to post:

  • Sneak Peak of new products
  • Behind the scenes look at your business
  • Things associated with the lifestyle of your product or services
  • Social, business or community service events
  • Creative take on a holiday

Managing an Instagram account and creating unique, follow-worthy content engages customers and strengthens your customer relationships — surely a great move for business, both big and small.