Simple Steps to Enhance Customer Loyalty (Part 3)

Oh the tangled webs we weave! For some business owners it may feel that some customers are continually going through a revolving door – they need your service/product, they come in and purchase, they don’t need your product for a length of time, they go dormant, then they are back again and you start over! This is not the end of the world… this is the nature of the sales beast. So, don’t beat yourself up over numbers and figures and that never-ending sales pitch. Instead, recognize these two facts and devise a plan to implement them into your marketing strategy.

Use multiple channels to serve customers well

This is a substantial point in marketing ANY product. Your customers are everywhere. Therefore, your customers are receiving messages everywhere. On average, your customer should hear your message SEVEN TIMES before they will act on it! Do you really want to put all of your eggs in one basket and only send a message on one platform?! NO! It just doesn’t make sense. Instead, diversify your messaging across multiple platforms in order to reach customers, remind customers, and get them to act now!

(Bonus: Research shows that customers who engage through multiple channels exhibit deeper loyalty. Isn’t that our whole goal here?)

Win back lost customers

Research shows that you’re twice as likely to sell to a lost customer as to a new prospect, which makes sense since your old customer knows what you do and/or what your product is. On average, a business can lose more than 20 percent of its customers every year. Create a strategy that not only for acquisition of new customers – but a way to win back old customers. You have already started a relationship with them. So, make a plan to get them back on the active customers list.

The bottom line is that customer loyalty is all about reaching your clients, getting them to recognize your brand, walking them in the door, and … Building. A. Relationship. If you want loyalty, start there – then work on the rest.