Organizing Social Media Content

Organizing Social Media Content
Do you struggle with staying on top of, and organizing your social media content? If so, you are definitely not alone I still used to struggle with this too. Add, managing multiples business accounts, and I really needed to take control of my social media content calendar.

A content calendar allows you to prepare what content you want to post for the week, or even month. For example, if there is an upcoming event or contest you can schedule those extra posts into your content calendar weeks ahead of when the events or contest starts.  Another benefit, is when a manager or business owner wants to see what you’ve been posting about, and the results, it’s easy to pull up the excel spreadsheet to share the information with them.

There were a few key items I was looking for in my Social Media Content Spreadsheet.  Most importantly it had to be easy to use.  If there was too much information to keep track of I knew I’d abandon it quickly.  Secondly, I wanted a spreadsheet that also allowed me to track statistics.

This Excel Spreadsheet is easy to use, fit my needs, and keep my clients content organized. The spreadsheet provides data regarding best time to post, engagement on posts, and what type of posts your audience engage with the most.

The spreadsheet includes:

  • Time Posted
  • Title of Post
  • Copy of Status Update
  • Link – If there is one, or include the image you will use with your status update.
  • Number of Clicks your post received.
  • Total Reach of Post
  • Comments on Post

Download your FREE Content Calendar Spreadsheet on the right of your screen.

Do you use a different method to organize your business social content?  If so, share your method, and how it works for you.