7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website

Not placing your phone number and address in multiple, easily accessible locations is a sure fire way to infuriate your customers. Many people searching online for local businesses are looking for ways to contact the business including phone numbers, email addresses, and even for directions to your store. This is important for all types of […]

Social Media Image Size

Visual content on social media improves engagement. In fact 63 percent of social media consists of images! Great visuals have become a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Below is a Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet to help you maximize your visual content. The benefit to using the proper image size is your image won’t […]

5 Blogs About Blogging that You Should Follow

Does your website have a blog? Maybe you have been considering adding a blog to your website? Blogging on your website about topics that are related to your business is a great way to boost online traffic and possible leads for your brand. The advantage of blogging is that it can add valuable information to […]

Instagram: Can your Business Benefit?

People love visuals! Social media posts with images get more engagement on Facebook and Twitter so why not market on a social media platform that is strictly for pictures? Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text! Instagram will soon be tied into Facebook’s ad manager making managing ads between the two social media platforms […]

The Importance of ALT Tags in Images for SEO

You don’t see the same images as the search engines! Take a look at the two pictures below. What are they? Well if you guessed that the left image is a fireworks display and the image on the right is a ladybug, congratulations! You’re right (what a surprise). That wasn’t very hard, right? That’s because […]

Boost Engagement with Questions

Creating content that gets engagement on all social media platforms is HARD! The first way to improve your engagement is with visual marketing. Posts with photos see the most engagement—accounting for a whopping 87% of total interactions. Make your visual marketing even more effective by paring it with a question. Asking questions can speed up […]

Hashtag Usage Tips

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed friends and other businesses using hashtags on social media platforms. Hashtags dramatically increase the reach of your posts, allow you to reach people with the same interest as yours, and help you do market research about your competitors. So, what exactly is a hashtag? Hashtags are used on Twitter, […]

New Website Launch! | Chambersburg Website Design

New Website Launch in Chambersburg! Our team is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Chambersburg based Golden Wood Kennel! We have been working with the great, friendly team at Golden Wood to launch the new website that will allow them to connect with their online customers better! The project was a […]

25Penn Marketing is Proud to Launch a New Website

Launch of HornbakersRepairandWelding.com We’re happy to announce the launch of a new website designed by our team for Hornbaker’s Small Engine Repair and Welding! Hornbaker’s contacted us in need of a new website because they weren’t getting much local traffic and they knew they needed a new website to bring in more customers for their […]

Twitter Direct Message Update

Right now if you use Twitter’s Direct Message (DM) system you’ll notice the message is limited to 140 characters. Starting in July, Twitter will remove the character limits when sending DM’s. Instead of breaking thoughts into 140-character messages you’ll be able to send your thoughts in one DM. The standard Twitter system is still limited to […]