Bing Announces Mobile Search Results Changes

Bing Screen shot

On May 14th, 2015 Bing announced they would start displaying search results on mobile devices with tags on websites that were mobile friendly. This will allow mobile users to quickly look through the search results to find the websites that fulfill their needs quicker with a mobile friendly design. Creating a better user experience for Bing users. You can see in the image of the Bing search results there is a tag to the left of the site titles that are deemed as mobile friendly by Bing.

This announcement comes on the heels of another recent mobile friendly search engine change from Google where they also announced changes on the results that are displayed to mobile searches. Both updates are very similar and they aim to serve better search results for the ever-growing mobile internet crowd.

What’s Bing Looking For?

Bing stated that they would be looking at a handful of factors in determining what websites would receive the “Mobile-Friendly” tag beside their listing in the search results. The factors they said would determine mobile friendliness include:

  • Navigation – Is the navigation of your website easy to use on mobile devices? Are the menus and buttons large enough and spaced apart well enough for a touch-based device?
  • Text Readability – Is the text on the website formatted to be readable on smaller screen sizes? Does the content on the site display well without having to zoom in on the screen?
  • Page Scrolling (Page Fit) – Does the page fit on every device screen size without having to zoom in or pan across the width of the website? The site should be able to display well on a narrow display.
  • Compatible Content – Are all of the embedded media files (videos, images, audio, ect.) compatible with every device that may view your website?

According to their official release, each of these factors will need to be met before Bing will consider your website mobile friendly. They also state there are a few other things that they consider before applying the mobile friendly tag to your listing in mobile search results including the use of pop-ups and access to all CSS (style sheet) files.

Is your website mobile?

To find out how the search engines see your website you can use the free tool provided by Google here: Mobile Friendly Test

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