3 Reasons Why You Should be Utilizing Hashtags for Your Small Business

Hashtags. They’re everywhere on social media. 

Although they first appeared on August 23, 2007, hashtags did not rise in popularity until October 2007 in response to the California wildfires. From then on, hashtags have retained their popularity among social media users and marketers alike. Now that we are in 2021, it is important for small business owners to continue to understand why it is important to utilize hashtags for their business’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Reach Your Target Audience

When a person searches for a hashtag in Facebook or Instagram, they are brought to a collection of every post created that has utilized that specific hashtag. It is important for your business to know who your specific target audience is before using a collection of hashtags in your posts. Let’s say that your business is a small clothing boutique and that your target audience is women between the ages of 20 to 35. You would want to utilize hashtags that would best reach that audience. For instance, hashtags relating to fashion and your local area would be a great way to reach your business’s audience.

Increase Engagement

Fun hashtags are a great way to increase engagement with your followers and customers. Utilizing a fun hashtag can bring your followers together and get them to interact with one another. Additionally, you can use hashtags to promote contests and use them as a key component in entering them. For example, if you are running a giveaway on your business’s Instagram, you can ask your followers to comment on your post with a specific hashtag to make them eligible to win.

Build Your Brand

Having a specific hashtag for your business is an easy way to make your brand more recognizable. The more you use that hashtag with your social media posts, the more your followers and customers will associate that hashtag with your business.

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The 3 Best Ways to Keep in Contact with Your Customers Through Social Media

In today’s society, social media has become a major component in people’s lives. Whether it is to stay up-to-date on family and friends or to discover new things, there is something for everyone on social media. For small businesses, social media is an excellent way to engage with customers on a daily basis. Below are 3 effective ways to keep contact with your customers by utilizing social media.


Instagram or Facebook Stories are a great way to keep your customers updated on a day-to-day basis. Stories are best used for daily updates due to their 24 hour posting period. With Stories, you can easily promote daily deals for your customers to discover as well as highlight new products or services. Or, if you would like feedback, create polls to get a feel of what your customers would like to see more, or less, of. Stories allow several ways to create opportunities for followers to voice their opinions!

Live Video

If you want to keep your customers updated in real-time, live video is the perfect way to reach your customer base. Use live video to show off new products, answer questions, or provide your customers updates about your store. You can even use live video to allow an open discussion with your customers to ask for input on your store. No matter what the reason is for utilizing live video, it is a great way to communicate with your customers.


Nothing gets customers more excited than a contest. Hold a contest that encourages customers to explore your website and discover all that your business has to offer. Do a giveaway that encourages interactions in the comments with your followers. Utilizing contests is an efficient way to continue communicating with your customers! 

Overall, social media is an effective way to continue communicating with your customers and encourage interactions among them!

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