6 Ways to Increase Engagement

Understanding Digital Marketing

What you post about your business depends on the industry you’re in, and your audience. As a social media manager I manage a variety of different types of businesses. What content works well for one business may not get as much engagement on another business social media page.

Here are six of my favorite posts to increase engagement no matter what your company specializes in!

1. Create a Contest or Promotion on Facebook – This is my #1 way to improve engagement! The public LOVES the idea of winning a prize. Your fans will like, comment, even share your contest post, and by doing this they are growing your Facebook page for you.

2. Create Branded Quote Images – I don’t have fancy graphic design programs, so I use Canva (https://www.canva.com). It’s easy to use, and you can create cover photos, infographs, Facebook posts, and much more. As long as you use the free images or upload your own pictures there is no charge.

3. Infographs – If there are a lot of statistics in your industry then an infograph is a great way to communicate with your audience.  Plus, they are really popular right now!

4. Share Others Content – This is one of my favorite ways to improveengagement, and I don’t see enough businesses doing it. Be active on the pages you are following. Share pages you are following posts on your page, like and even comment on their posts. Those businesses will see you engaging with them, and will most likely reciprocate the engagement.

5. Funny Holidays – There are sites that have all sorts of weird and bizarre holidays such as No Housework Day or National Pie Day. Find the days that relate to your industry and have fun with it.

6. Create How-to-Guides – A good how-to-guide can stand the test of time. You can create a video, audio or blog post on a popular how-to in your industry.

The key to increasing engagement is paying attention to what has worked in the past. Also, if you read an article, or see a picture, and find it interesting or humorous chances are your fans will too, so share it!