15 Powerful Marketing Keywords

Understanding Digital Marketing

Does your copy excite your customers? If you own or operate a small business (in-fact any size business) you probably rely on the effectiveness of your advertisements to draw customers to your product or service. Many savvy copywriters and business owners know that the emotion that’s interpreted in the copy of an advertisement can persuade the reader to take action. There are certain words and phrases that have been time-tested to help boost response and conversions of ads in almost every form of media, not just online. Each of these motivational words will perform better in different situations, but they have all been proven effective when used in the right context.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 powerful marketing words to incorporate into your next ad copy. Now we aren’t suggesting using all 21 in your next ad, but test out a few over a couple of different ads in different media. This is called split testing and it can help your business determine which ads and copy perform better and which to avoid or tweak for next time.

15 Powerful Marketing Words:

  1. New – Point out that your product is on the leading edge of your industry. People love to know that they have the newest gadgets and love to show off their new stuff.
  2. Free – Don’t you want to get something for FREE? We’re giving you this list of hot keywords that convert for FREE and you can use it to help boost conversions! The word free is very powerful but can also devalue your products and services, making them seem cheap or that there isn’t any value to them. People love free, if there is a value associated to it. You (probably) wouldn’t want a FREE bag of trash, but you would probably gladly accept a FREE $50 Gift Card to your favorite restaurant. Make sure there is always value attached to something free to make it more appealing.
  3. You – When you write as though you’re speaking to the customer or about the customer, you’ll write more effective ads that will appeal to your customers.
  4. Instant – Because we live in a world of immediate satisfaction.
  5. Easy – Consumers don’t want anything complicated. They like things to work fast without being complicated.
  6. Save – Kind of like FREE, who doesn’t want to save a little bit of money here and there?
  7. Tips – Everyone can use a handy snippet of info or a little help once in a while. Tip: Send out an email blast with some industry-related tips to help your customers and provide some value.
  8. Now – This short, handy word makes people want to take action and creates a sense of urgency.
  9. How to – This lets the reader know that there is a solution to the problem they are looking up. “How-To” videos are one of the most popular video categories on YouTube and are highly competitive in search. Making a How-To blog post or video is a great way to boost your inbound traffic and make your business look like an authority on your topic.
  10. Be the First – Everyone wants to be the first to have that new model car or be the first in their sphere of influence to have the newest smartphone.
  11. Bargain – This is another action word like sale, discount, and free that attracts due to it’s lure of saving money.
  12. Discover – Many people love to hear about new and unknown things or to know something that can give them a competitive edge.
  13. Hassle Free – Doesn’t everyone want this? Who wants to get something that is going to be a hassle? Let the reader know that your product or service won’t complicate their daily life even more.
  14. Never – This is a very powerful word that when used correctly can go a long way with capturing the attention of potential customer. For example a headline like “Never lose a lead again with our powerful new web sales funnel”. This headline would include the Power Keyword and hit a pain point that most businesses can relate to.
  15. Best Seller – Most people want to be part of the in-crowd, so if you’re trying to promote a popular product, use this power word to let shoppers know that this product is your most popular. It makes it easy for the customer and helps them decide on a product.

A successful ad or copy is one that triggers your customers or prospects into taking action. Whether the action is buying a product, requesting a free e-book or sample, or signing up for your updates, the key is to combine these powerful words (there are more, these are just our favorites today) to make your copy invoke emotional triggers that encourage your customers to buy from you and hopefully keep coming back.